Gin and Cotton is for all of you armchair historians out there. Maybe you majored in history, maybe you take part in Civil War reenactments, or maybe you just love discovering lost pieces of our collective past. I picture us latching on to the history stories profiled in the media and wanting to know more. But while we’re listening to or watching or reading the news, we’re in a comfy leather club chair with a fabulous cocktail. Because what is history without a little personality? If you’re tired of sipping your scotch, check the Cocktails page for a monthly drink recipe perfect for the season.

So please comment, recommend, point out type-o’s, but most of all, enjoy!

And now a little about me: A North Carolina native, I have lived in France, Washington DC, California, Malawi, Africa, and am now based in Columbia, South Carolina.

I love history, travel, and politics. This blog gives me a chance to write about topics that I find compelling.

kate evans b&w

When not writing, I love to explore, eat cupcakes, tour historic homes, visit vineyards, and go fishing.  My husband, year-old son, and I are enjoying life back in the United States, southern BBQ, and our new home in Columbia.

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